BBQs 2U – Buy Best Barbeque for Outdoor Grilling in Summer

 BBQs 2U business owners are experts in barbeques. They have natural gas, propane, charcoal, and multi-fuel barbeques in their inventory. The staff is knowledgeable and helps customers with BBQ queries from choosing a suitable model and tips on how to set up and deliver. They always have a BBQ demonstration to entertain the outdoor customers.

BBQs 2U offers top-of-line grilling systems from Napoleon, MasterBuilt, Kamado Joe, and Ooni. These can make buyers’ outdoor cooking and grilling in summer more exciting. Owning a pizza oven or a BBQ has its own advantages. It is efficient and economical. It means people can cook and eat pizzas as frequently as they can.

With the Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven, pizza-makers can slip 16” pizza in the wide opening as well as accommodate bread, steaks, fish, veggies, etc. Koda 16 offers temperature-resistant Cordierite baking stone with 3-years of warranty, so no concerns about cracks. Koda 16 needs no installation, slip the baking stone, attach propane, ignite, and cook the first pizza hassle-free. Even invest in accessories like the grizzler plate [to sizzle or sear or fry] and a pizza peel [it helps to insert and remove the pizza professionally without dropping or warping].

Ooni Koda Karu is versatile and allows cooking on charcoal, real wood, and even gas [needs gas burner attachment]. Karu has a 13” cooking surface and it weighs 26.5 lbs. It includes a cover allowing carrying it with ease. The 0.6” baking surface is stronger, thicker, and even heavier. The body of Karu has a stainless steel body with ceramic fibre insulation. With Karu, pizza lovers can enjoy the versatility of cooking with different fuel options.

Kamado Joe UK is a popular brand offering quality features for those passionate outdoor cooks. Kamado Joe is popular for its ‘Divide & Conquer’ system featuring split cooking grids mounted on racks for cooking different foods at different levels and temperatures.

The variety of models that Kamado Joe introduced in the BBQ landscape includes Classic Joe I, II, & III as well as Big Joe II, & III, Joe Junior, and Kettle Joe. The design allows ideal airflow as well as uniform distribution of heat and flavour even if the grills differ in their sizes. Joe Jr. offers 34” cooking space and weighs 31kg. Ideal for a quick weekend meal or carry it to every adventure – hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

Kettle Joe has a 2342 sq. cm cooking surface, 2-tier divide and conquer feature, revolutionary Sloroller insert to harness cyclonic airflow technology, and adjustable hinge. The Ceramic firebox allows a lengthy cooking time with less charcoal. Folding side shelves for a large prep area and ash drawer for easy clean-up. Have a BBQ in your backyard for enjoying great meal time across the year!

On the Facebook page of BBQs 2U, people comment that Koda 16 is stellar and they love the yummy pizzas the oven cooks rapidly. Follow BBQs 2U on social channels to stay informed about upcoming bundle deals and offers they frequently announce.