She’s such a special person. After all, a mother means so much, does so much, and is so much. She gives you unconditional love and makes massive sacrifices. She’s been with you since your first breath. Nurtured and supported you through all the highs and lows of your childhood. Did her best to appreciate everything you were going through when you were a teenager.  And continues to be your rock and true friend as an adult. This is why finding the right Mother’s Day presents is such a challenge. Material possessions can’t fully capture the real essence of the love and gratitude you feel for your mother. But a thoughtful gift that goes beyond the material and is symbolic can. Discover great Mother’s Day gift ideals that are full of meaning and emotional expression.


Whether it’s a Mother’s Day gift from son or Mother’s Day gift from daughter that you need, a small or large Ultimate Patchi Chocolate Gift Hamper is an experience she’ll love. Each hamper is overflowing with a diverse selection of premium chocolates and delights made exclusively from the finest natural ingredients and without preservatives. Each hamper not only awakens all 5 senses but embodies contemporary luxury and most importantly the spirit of generosity and eternal abundance.

Mother’s Day gift


Mother’s Day is an expression of the unique bond and connection you have with your mother. The respect. The love.  It’s an opportunity to say, “thank you”. To celebrate the good times and memories you have shared over the years and to welcome all the happy moments to come. To acknowledge all the hard work and selfless effort she put in time and time again. And last minute Mother’s Day gifts and gifts planned well in advanced both have the power to show you care. Each gift is like a warm hug of appreciation that lasts long into the future.

Given the close relationship you have with your mother, it’s key to get her a gift that suits her personality, tastes, and preferences. So get inspired now!

  • Clothes and accessories

Is your mum a trendy fashionista? A classic lady? Or a creative soul with original style? Then clothes and accessories are good gifting options. But the best gifts are Mother’s Day chocolates. Patchi’s wide range of chocolate gift arrangements are also statements of personal style. From a super modern vase brimming with eye-catching decorated chocolates to a gloriously timeless centrepiece with chicly wrapped chocolates, each gift arrangement gives off a completely different look and feel. It’s a chance to show your mum how closely you pay attention to her.

  • Gadgets
    Everyone like gadgets. But they don’t have to be the typical and predictable high-tech ones. At the heart of every gadget is a sense of innovation and novelty. So think out of the box and redefine “gadget” by choosing Mother’s Day chocolates from a brand synonymous with innovation and novelty: Patchi. The At Home collection is just one example of how you can dare to be different rather than following the crowds. Say cheers to a carafe or the hidden surprises of a jar or the thrill of another home accessory paired with chocolates. Perfect if your mum is practical and loves to host people.
  • Perfume

From floral notes to earthy tones and fruity highlights, perfumes stimulate the senses and reflect personality. They also have incredible scents. But so do Mother’s Day chocolates. Does your mum love to travel or experience different cultures? Then opt for original chocolates inspired from flavours across the globe like yuzu or tea. Is your mum more traditional? Then go for much loved classics like milk chocolate filled with praline and gianduja. Is your mum fun and bubbly? Then consider chocolate with orange, raspberry, strawberry, and other fruits. Or Create Your Box to take personalization to the next level by selecting the box size you want and choosing the chocolate flavours and varieties you know mum loves. Whatever you choose, the mouth-watering chocolate aromas will be irresistible. This is the true perfume of personalised gift giving.

  • Chocolates

You simply can’t go wrong with a chocolate gift from Patchi, a HeartMade brand. Why? Because it’s not simply chocolate. It’s an experience. And it’s never the same. Each year Patchi creates a special collection for Mother’s Day with a marvellously fresh design and gorgeous new theme. And you can also always choose from the Gourmandines Collection or any one of the Leisure Boxes, Signature Boxes, or Everyday Boxes. Best of all, you can order any gift chocolates or Mother’s Day chocolates online and have them delivered straight to your mum’s home or office anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, Bahrain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Boxes, Signature Boxes, or Everyday Boxes

  • Beauty products

Splashes of colour. The pleasure of pampering. Cosmetics and beauty products are always nice. But there’s another way to experience visual beauty and indulgence: Patchi’s authentic macarons. Experience the striking, dramatic, and subtle colour palettes of macarons. The wonderful crisp yet soft texture. And the satisfying pleasure of 11 different flavours from cocoa to combawa. It’s a great way to tell mum that she deserves to be pampered and rewarded.


Patchi has the best chocolate gift hampers in addition to the best Mother’s Day gifts. This is because every artisanal chocolate is the result of exclusive recipes, true chefmanship, and premium natural ingredients without preservatives. Every gift is made in-house at our atelier and factory from start to finish, even the packaging and decorations. Each hamper, gift box, gift set, and gift arrangement is a celebration of savior-faire and contemporary luxury that shows your mum that she means the world to you.