The Trick to Choosing a Good Vietnamese Restaurant

Besides its vibrant culture and idyllic beaches, Vietnam even garners a lot of attention and love for its scrumptious food spread. If you are new to Vietnamese food preparations, you need to go through a few things, in order to choose the best restaurant like Hanoi Hannah in Vietnam. Vietnamese food is pretty unforgettable and distinct where taste is concerned. Spreading across street-side to high-end restaurants, the typical Vietnamese food tastes sweet, salty, hot, and sour. All these flavors are obtained by using nuoc mam that is a fermented fish sauce. The juice of kalamansi citrus fruit i.e. cane sugar or chili peppers and tamarind is also added. Dishes are prepared using lots of fresh herbs, but are not extra spicy, since chili sauces are often served separately.

If you want to find the best Vietnamese food at Elsternwick, choose Hanoi Hannah, offering amazing menu options to choose from. If some of you have never tried Vietnamese food, you must add it to your next culinary repertoire. And especially if you are a great lover of Thai food, it would be very easy and natural for you to like Vietnamese cuisine as well. That’s because the signature dishes might be a little unique, both these South Asian countries use several similar ingredients, but in different ways.

So, what are you all waiting for? Use the following guide to decide what to order and which best restaurant to pick too.

  • Choose a steaming bowl of Pho

The noodle soup is called Pho. This is a terrific gateway dish as it is customizable and tasty as well. So don’t ignore it when ordering Vietnamese food, as it is one of their signature soups.

  • For rice lovers

You will come across plenty of rice dishes. If you are just beginning, look for food preparations that feature barbecued meats or succulent grilled, served with a pile of angel hair-esque vermicelli rice noodles or mound of rice. Pickled veggies, herbs, fresh cucumber are also common accouterments.

  • Order Banh Mi

All carb lovers, this one is for you – banh mi. It is a classic Vietnamese sandwich which is another amazing gateway dish, and it is damn addicting.

  • Summer rolls

Goi Cuon, (on American menus, mostly known as summer rolls), is a light but pretty well-flavored dish, and typically served as a great appetizer but enough to be gorged on for dinner or lunch as well. Depending on the restaurant you choose, these are often served with sweet chili or peanut dipping sauce, i.e. fish sauce of course.

  • Cannot choose a restaurant? Follow this rule

Look for a focused, but relatively tight menu. Any restaurant offering a large menu that is more than two pages is generally over-ambitious. You can try a joint’s signature dish, if they serve one, if it actually lives up to the way it is hyped, you know you have found the best place.

If you need to find the best Vietnamese food at Elsternwick, do a reservation at one of the Hanoi Hannah restaurants or opt for a takeaway. They offer the most mouth-tickling and best variety of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.