Popular Restaurants From Coorg Tourism

There’s a sizable a number of restaurants in Coorg, Karnataka. There are many restaurants serving the neighborhood cuisine of Coorg for example Kodava Cuisine, the name itself means Coorg cuisine. There are some popular multi cuisine restaurants in Coorg for example Shanthi Bites and Raintree. These restaurants help in making a Coorg more fun and they’ve been an essential part of Coorg Tourism.


Athithi counts among about the most restaurants in Coorg. It’s a good value restaurant and isn’t too costly. Athithi serves typical south Indian vegetarian food on blueberry leaves and provides a geniune experience with south India. It provides an array of varieties and is the greatest spot for you if you want rava dosa, masala dosa, idli and vada. It completes the south Indian experience of best fashion by its famous cup of filter coffee.

Kodava Cuisine (Coorg Cuisine):

Kodava Cuisine by its name only signifies it is a valuable part of Coorg Tourism. It is advisable visit restaurant for each tourist because it serves just the local cuisine and provides vacationers the authentic taste from the Coorg cuisine. It’s among the best Pandhi curry (pork curry) around, that is best offered with Idiappam. It’s not an expensive searching restaurant. It’s a small, easy to find restaurant around the bottom floor of the nondescript building. It provides non-vegetarian food too.

Shanthi Bites:

Shanthi Bites is a well-liked restaurant from Coorg Tourism. It is among the famous multi cuisine restaurants in Coorg, with an array of number of Continental, Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian cuisines in the menu. A primary reason because of its recognition is it is among the couple of restaurants in Coorg that provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


Raintree is most likely the very best-known restaurant in Coorg and for that reason continues to be a crucial part of Coorg Tourism. It features a beautiful location because it is encircled through the hillsides of Coorg and it has greenery throughout it. Though it may be the most popular and-finish restaurant its costs are not very high, as you would expect by searching in the restaurant. It features a charming atmosphere, and you’re feeling relaxed in the minute one enters. Raintree is really a multi cuisine restaurant and is known for its mutton biryani, alleypey prawn curry, chemmen thenga, meen moilee, ularthu and sea food platter. Besides all of this, Raintree is renowned for its quick service and useful staff.

Silver Oaks:

Silver oaks is really a multi cuisine restaurant found at Hotel Coorg Worldwide. It’s dishes from Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisine in the menu. The famous dish of the restaurant is chow mein offered with Chinese gravy chicken or vegetable. We have an impressive atmosphere to increase the scrumptious food. This restaurant differs from most restaurants in Coorg as it features a wooden party area within the restaurant because of its customers. The party area together with a multitude of cuisines makes this a thrilling prospect of Coorg Tourism.