Everything You Need to Know About Sauv Blanc

If you’re new to the wine scene, learning about all the different types of wines can be really confusing and even overwhelming. You probably know that there are reds and whites, but you might not know about all the different names, flavors, and intricacies that come with wine. You also have probably heard about a specific wine type called sauvignon blanc or “sauv blanc” for short. It’s one of the most popular types of white wine out there and it’s absolutely delicious! If this sounds intriguing to you, here’s everything you need to know about sauvignon blanc. 

What Is Sauvignon Blanc?

Probably the first thing that you need to know about sauvignon blanc is how to actually pronounce it! It’s French so the pronunciation can be pretty challenging for English-speakers with little to no experience in the romance language. The proper French pronunciation is “saw vee nyon blahn.” It might take a little bit of practice and a fake French accent but you should be able to master it in no time!

Where Does Sauvignon Blanc Come From?

Now that you know that sauvignon blanc is French, you probably assume that it comes from France – and you’re right! France is famous for its wines and sauvignon blanc is one of the reasons why. Specifically, sauvignon blanc primarily comes from the Bordeaux region that is well-known for producing amazing grapes and wines. It can also come from the French Loire Valley, northeastern Italy, or central Spain. However, in more recent years, great quality sauvignon blanc has been taking place outside of Europe in places like New Zealand, the United States, Chile, South Africa, and Australia.

What Does Sauvignon Blanc Taste Like?

Depending on the specific brand of sauvignon blanc you have and where it was produced, there are a few different tastes and flavors that you may encounter. Overall, sauvignon blanc is a dry wine with a medium acidity that usually contains flavors like lime, green apple, passion fruit, kiwi, guava, and white peach. However, you should also be able to detect different aromas like jalapeno, bell pepper, basil, lemongrass, and gooseberry in some types of sauvignon blanc. Oak aging sauvignon blanc can add additional oak flavors like vanilla, nutmeg, cream, and coconut into the mix. All of this makes sauvignon blanc a very dynamic and delicious wine that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

What to Pair With Sauvignon Blanc

Even though sauvignon blanc is a popular and relatively versatile wine, it’s still a good idea to learn how to pair it with food items so that you can really enjoy the wine the right way. Here are some of the best food pairings for sauvignon blanc that you should definitely explore for your next dinner party or even just an at-home date night:

  • Herbs and spices: parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro, mint, thyme, chives, coriander, turmeric, and saffron.
  • Meats: chicken, pork chops, turkey.
  • Fish: cod, trout, haddock, tilapia, snapper, mussels, clams, crab, and lobster.
  • Cheese: yogurts and goat cheese.
  • Vegetables: zucchini, cucumber, asparagus, and broccoli.

You may have noticed a trend in the above food items: there’s a lot of green in there! And it’s true – sauvignon blanc goes great with green ingredients because it is made from green grapes. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your greens to make some delicious dishes that everyone will enjoy along with their crisp glass of sauvignon blanc.

How to Serve Sauvignon Blanc

Now that you know what sauvignon is, where it comes from, what it tastes like, and what foods to pair it with you can get to the most important part – actually serving and enjoying it! An unoaked sauvignon blanc should be served at 46° F while an oaked sauvignon blanc should be served at a slightly warmer 52° F.

This wine is best served in smaller amounts in a larger glass. And it’s also a good idea not to store an open bottle for long periods of time. If this creates an issue, one option that you might want to try is a sauv blanc canned drink. That way, you can drink an amazing quality wine in smaller amounts without having to open an entire bottle and finish it quickly. With canned wines, you can truly take the time to enjoy your wine at your own pace – with or without friends.

Now that you have all this information, you can definitely be considered a sauvignon blanc expert! This is a great white wine that even red lovers will enjoy. There are enough varieties and price points out there that you are bound to find something that you look forward to uncorking after a long day. So get out there and find your perfect match of sauvignon blanc and start prepping for your dinner party now with tons of fresh green foods!