Tips On Causeway Bay Dim Sum

Times Square, Sogo, Hysan Spot, and Lee Flower are just a few of Causeway Bay’s shopping centers. However, the area has many hidden gems and really shouldn’t be avoided only because it’s still crowded. There is an increasing range of VR gaming locations as well as indoor sports like mini-golf and pool.

An amazing food adventure in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong conjures up images of shopping and, quite importantly, FOOD!
  • In a city when great food can be found around every corner, choosing where to eat for each meal can be a daunting task.
  • A food search in Hong Kong is a blessing thanks to the abundance of tasty food options, as well as easy mass transit and walkable locations.
  • So slip on your casual clothes and put on your poker face for a culinary pilgrimage you’ll never forget.

Hong Kong Trolleybuses takes you on a culinary adventure.

Embark on a thrilling food quest tour across Hong Kong onboard the retro 1920s-style tram. By taking this simple tram route, you can follow 銅鑼灣 點心 top picks! Locals name the tram “Ding Ding” since it operates for 30 kilometers across some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful areas.

The trams are easy to use and run at a slow pace, allowing you to take in some traveling while on the food tour. To ride the tram, enter through the back door and exit into the front. The cost is the same no matter how long the trip is, and you can pay with cash or the Iguana card.